Electric Motor Coils

America’s oldest electric coil company manufacturer of motor coils and control coils specializing in AC & DC Motor Coils & Edge Wound Coils

Stimple & Ward Company has a reputation as America¹s most highly respected manufacturer of DC motor coils.

We manufacture all types of AC Motor/Generators coils for Induction, Synchronous, Wound Rotor, and lesser- known designs.

We manufacture electric coils for control applications including contactor and relay coils and choke and blowout coils for controls.

We are one of the only edge wound coil manufacturers in the United States offering coils for a variety of applications.

Stimple & Ward has been manufacturing transit coils for traction motors and armatures for over 50 years

We have extensive experience in making electric coils for linear induction and linear synchronous motors.

Over the years, many unique designs have been brought to us, which our staff have successfully manufactured solutions.

Our coil manufacturing quality and service can reach anywhere in the world competitively and have found acceptance in over 30 countries.

Electric Motor Coil Manufacturer

Stimple and Ward is a leading electric coil manufacturer specializing in electric motor coils for industrial, power generation and transportation applications both AC and DC. Our electric coil products are designed for a large variety of motors and controls. We are one of the few coil manufacturers that provides custom manufacturing of coils for new designs & prototype development.  This includes creating electromagnetic fields using specific copper wire sizes and turns per coil to develop the right solution.

 Established in 1898, Stimple and Ward Company is America's oldest independent electric motor coil manufacturer. We have remained focused on the supply of high-quality electric coil products to the OEM, Heavy Industry, Repair, and Transportation Markets. 

If you would like more information on electric motor coils or edge wound coils please call 1-800-792-6457 or click to contact us.

Edge Wound Coils

Edge would coils

 We are one of the manufacturers of edge wound coils in the United States. It is our quality and capability to wind on the edge to produce quality edge wound coils for electric motors.

Inventory of Armature Models

Armature Models

We also have the largest inventory of armature and stator coil winding models for virtually every model ever made. Our storage facility has jigs and models from our clients for over the past 100 years. We offer custom solutions to your specifications like number of slots, magnetic field and single phase or multiple phase applications.

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