Electric Motor Coil Gallery

We at Stimple and Ward are proud of our many years of experience in manufacturing electric motor coils and would like to share with you just a few of the coils we have made. These images represent the wide range of electric coils we make. This gallery also allows us to show you are capabilities of manufacturing custom and specialty electric coils. You may click an image to view a larger image.

\ electric fan motor coils armature insulated wrap
AC Stator Electric Motor Coil EMD 18HP Fan Motor
Armature Coil
Insulating Wrap
Series Field Coils
GE Edgewound
Interpole Coils
Blowout Coils
Edgewound Coils
Larger Edgewound
Rotor Coils
Large Ribbon Wound Interpole Coils Oil Well
Control Coil
Rotor Coil
Field Coil
GE Crane Series
Electric Motor Field Coil
Mill Drive Field Coils
7 Turn Blowout Coils Railway Signal Coil
D C Armature Coils Westinghouse 6600 Volt Stator Coils Siemen's Transit
Series Coils
5 Turn Blowout Coil Westinghouse ACB
Blowout Coil
Edgewound Choke Coil Westinghouse
Shunt Field Coil
Westinghouse AK 73
Brake Coil
Electron Microscope
Control Coils
Turbine Rotor Coil
Electromagnetic Valve Control Coil
GE LAP Wound Mill Motor Armature Coil Magnetic Gate Assembly Valve Control Westinghouse
Field Connector Coils
Westinghouse Mill Motor
Coil Shells
GE MD81Z Shunt Coils GE 20HD Forklift Series
Field Coils
Westinghouse Mill Motor Series Field Coil Westinghouse Mill Motor Series Field Coil

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